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Pastor Oliver Lung


Senior Pastor

Pastor Oliver Lung






Oliver was born in a Hong Kong non-Christian family and brought up in Church related schools. In the last year of his high school, he felt empty in his life, not knowing the meaning of life. Through the preaching of a missionary, he found the answer to his question in Jesus because Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Enlightened and after struggling, he decided to believe Christ as his Lord and his savior in 1976. Then he was eager to learn how to serve and was convinced that preaching the Gospel to bring people to Christ was the most valuable work in his life.

He was then called by God to serve Him as full-time pastor in the rest of his life. He started his ministry in Hong Kong in 1985 until 2003.
In 2003, he was called by God to USA to serve in Los Angeles as a pastor for ten years.

Then he was called by a vision of God to Las Vegas and served in Chinese Baptist Church as their senior pastor until now.

He got married with Heidi in 1988. They have two daughters, Lydia and Judith, who are grown up and working now.

He has a conviction to serve wherever God leads him to. His greatest joy is to see church grow and people get saved by God’s love and His word through his ministry such as preaching and praying, leading and caring, evangelism and discipleship training.

He likes reading, music, going picnic, swimming and table-tennis in his spare time.

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