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  1. 傳耶穌基督的福音。    

  2. 教導聖經的話語。        

  3. 幫助有需要的人。        

  4. 提供活力的崇拜。        

  5. 培養富激勵性的小組。




1.   我們以屬靈的詩歌及聖經的真理激勵人敬拜獨一真神。

2.   我們以聖經的話教導信徒長大成熟。

3.   我們藉小組的團契生活,彼此相顧,激發愛心,勉勵行善。

4.   我們以不同的恩賜與才能服事社區有需要的人,藉以見證神的愛。

5.   我們願意委身於大使命,奉獻金錢及差派人材,支持本地及海外宣教事工。

About Us

We are the Chinese Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide services in both Cantonese and English language. We are an independent Baptist church and a member of Southern Nevada Baptist Association. We exist to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as follows:

1.   Through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2.   Teaching the holy word of the Bible.                 

3.   Serving the needy people in the community.  

4.   Providing life transforming worship.                 

5.   Providing inspiring small groups.                       



We exist to glorify God and make peace of man to God through preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ until His return.



1.  We inspire people to worship the only true God by singing spiritual songs and teaching

     Biblical truth.

2.  We teach the Holy Word of the Bible, in order that Christians can grow  to their fullness and


3.  We unite the love and good deeds of our members through the mutual fellowship of small

     cell groups.

4.  We witness the love of God by ministering the needs of people in the community by using

     our spiritual gifts and talents.

5.  We commit ourselves to the Great Commission with financial support and sending people to

     local and foreign missions.

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Our belief



We affirm the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God and the basis for our beliefs. We voluntarily band ourselves together as a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ personally committed to sharing the good news of salvation to all mankind.

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